Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Arrival in Amalfi

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We all had to wake up early in Rome because we were getting on an eleven forty-five train for Amalfi that morning. Parker and I had a chance to go down to the internet point and start downloading a movie for us all to watch later (it didn't finish, but it's finishing right now). We got on a much calmer, nicer train ride than the one to Rome and when we arrived in Solarno we took a ferry to Amalfi.
When we got there those of us who didn't know already found out that Amalfi is the most touristy city of all time. In between the times the tour buses come in and leave, tourists roam the streets wild with cameras slung around their necks and backpacks on their backs. It was kind of funny how empty it got after the last ferry out of Amalfi left. With no tourists here, Amalfi is a ghost town.
Today we went to the beach earlyish in the morning to snag some seats, but we didn't stay for too long before lunch was needed. After some great, cheap sandwiches we took our time getting out of the hotel/apartment we stayed in and went to a much less crowded beach. Actually, Ann, Parker, and Jackson went to the beach while my dad and I went to the only wireless place available and now I am blogging this. Well, that's all I have to say for now, but there will be more info on Amalfi tomorrow, when we go out on a boat all day. Ciao.

only took a few photos so far: here


I'm loving finally being on the coast! It's hot and the Mediterranean is so clear that it makes it easy for me to ignore the throngs of tourists crammed into every nook and cranny. Others aren't so sure :o)

Tomorrow we have reserved a boat for the day to explore the Amalfi coastline and a few small islands in the area. We'll let you know what we find...

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