Monday, August 13, 2007

Last Moments in Rome

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I was a bit rushed yesterday, but now I am able to discuss, in detail, what happened yesterday and today in Rome. First off, yesterday was a big sightseeing day. We started off walking around like lost tourists trying to find lunch after our breakfast of crummy pastries, when we stumbled upon the Trevi Fountain. This is an awesome fountain, by the way, heavy on the decorative pieces and it is just amazing to see. It was packed with tourists tossing in coins for fifty cents, one euro, and even two euro. I think the funniest part was when we saw several different people pull out expandable rods with magnets on the end, and they used these rods to take coins out of the fountain and into their own pockets. At least three people did it while we were there, which wasn't too long, but I figure you don't make a whole lot of money doing that (it must be kinda fun though, if you didn't get so many dirty looks).
We continued our journey and found the Spanish Steps. No one we know knows why they are called the Spanish Steps or what must've happened there, but there were quite a few steps. Parker and I raced up and Parker and Jackson each got caricatures once they reached the top (there are a lot of streetside shops in Rome). We managed to find some lunch, though I can't remember where. It was probably pasta and pizza, but I'm just guessing.
We got home and took a quick, half-hour chill pill and got up for the Colisseum where we saw the dungeons where the feral beasts were kept and the stadium itself which seated over seventy-thousand people! Parker insisted on a souvenir of course, so we got yet another overpriced trinket that would only sit on a shelf looking tacky (if it got to the shelf at all).
Dinner was very good, and we found it right next to an internet café (which, coincidentally enough, I am at right now). Pasta and pizza for everyone, and then we proceeded to go home and go to bed.

Oh sheesh, I've gotta do today too. Yikes. Well, where do I begin? I guess breakfast, which was fetched for us by my dad early in the morning (same ol' crummy pastries), and we had a little bit of relaxing time before we started filming. Oh, I forgot to mention that we had an idea to shoot a movie (inspired as a follow-up to Zane's film in Florence) featuring all of us that followed along our trip from here on out. Anyways, basis of the story is Parker is a mob boss who has given up his evil ways only to find himself pursuited by a mysterious figure in an all white track suit, and following them both is yet another mysterious figure who remains hidden until the end. We had a couple shots in our apartment before we took a cab to the bone crypt.
The bone crypt was a creepy, eerie, awe-inspiring place. It was essentially a cozy little crypt, but each seperate chamber held the bones of hundreds of dead monks (some of which were lucky enough to have their whole skeleton remain intact). At the last chamber was a post which read in four different languages: "What you are now, we once were. What we are now, you will once be." *Pffff,* yeah right. I'm not ending up like them, all dead an all.... For those of you who don't quite get it, ask me about my reading list and it might make a bit more sense.
Anywho, after the crypt we found an expensive lunch place that looked quite cheap and innocent on the outside, but ended up costing more than our dinner. Yeesh, well it was okay I guess, but not extraordinary. Moving on.... the Vatican! We got to St. Peter's Square, shooting some more scenes along the way, but the lines to get into anything were filled to the brim, so we shot a couple more scenes, looked at the place, and grabbed some gelato (limòne sorbetto for me).
We took a cab back and shot some more shots for the movie, then ended up going out to a nice little chinese restaurant for dinner. We got some dessert where we got dinner last night and now we are in the internet café and Ann and Jackson are at home, probably sleeping. Well, that's all for now. Next up - Amalfi. Ciao!

parker's blog...

Weve seen so many things in rome but im just gonna say my favorite things. First of all i loved the roman colloseom, I got to see were all the traps were and how it all worked. Then we walked a little bit and we found an INTERNET CAFE!!!! So that was good and by the way that is were im tiping this right now.So like I said that was good then we went to have dinner.then we went back to go to bed.Then the next day was the movie filming day because were filming somthing and we filmed a couple scenes.And we went to the vatican but the line for the sistine chapel WAS WAY TOO LONG!!!! And tomorrow we'll be going to amalfi where we will try to blog again.

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