Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day Three in Germany

3_beergardenPhaed, originally uploaded by travis_prowell.

We spent the morning sleeping in, hanging out at home, and eating pancakes. We managed to catch the subway to get to the Deutsch Museum by two o' clock, where we met Ann and my dad who had been out in Salsburg (salt city; lots of salt mines).
We started out in the mining sector of the museum, which was very big and a ton of fun. Lots of stairs and exhibits inside this one sector (which took up most of the time we spent, due to the fact that the museum closed two hours after we were done with a late lunch). We checked out the airplane models, went to a very interactive "Kid's Kingdom," and saw the pharmacology section, which was my favorite section by far.
There was a high level of interactivity in the pharmacology section, which made it so the kids weren't bored. There was a lot to see and do and the room itself was more interesting than just plain old white-wash walls.
We left the museum at about 5 or 5:30 and caught the tram to Hirschgarden, a very large beer garden filled with liters of beer just like the one in the picture shown. The kids had Spezi, an awesome beverage mix of Coca-Cola and Fanta, but you would already know that if you had read the previous blog.
After drinking our Spezi's, the young ones (Parker, Sammy, Jackson, Zane and I) headed over towards the park area of the beer garden, where there was a water playground. The playground had a large rock mound in its center, while having its floor made of red playground material (I am not sure what exactly it is or what its really called, so that's what I'm calling it) and two of the opposite corners have metal grid domes to climb on. Every structure (including the rock mound) had tiny metal outlets that shot water at structured intervals. The floor was wet, we were wet, but it was all very fun.
After a while we decided to play tag, but the rock was off limits because wet=slippery, and slippery rock=dangerous, so we only used the playground material on the ground. On a side note, if you don't know this already, this playground material gets really slippery when wet. I mean very slippery. So slippery you can hardly walk without slipping and falling and having every little kid watching laugh their heads off. So tag looked very slow, because no one dared to even try running. Everyone slowly but surely ran away from whoever was it, running in circles around the rock dome (or rather trudging, or limping, or meandering, but definitely not running. My apologies). Everyone left with bruises and scrapes and wet marks all over themselves, but everyone had fun.
We ventured back to the table to have some prime ribs and chicken and weinerschnitzel (mmmmmmmmm..........weinerschnitzel......), another round of Spezi's, and some candy afterwards. We finished around 8 or 8:30 and headed home on the subway.
Well, not entirely. Greg, Zane and I wanted to see Hot Fuzz in the outside theatre in the park, so we got off a few stops earlier, however we knew that there could be things that went wrong in our journey. One, since in Germany movies are not rated by letters (G, PG, R, etc), but by age and no one under that age can see that movie (Hot Fuzz was 16), they might've called us on our age and not let us in. Secondly, we might be too late because we didn't check showtimes. Thirdly and most importantly, it may be German dubbed. Well, after trekking through the park, trying to find this theatre, we found it and it turned out that the theatre was playing the German dubbed version rather than the original English version. We were prepared for disappointment however, so we waltzed on over to the video rental place and got Fast Food Nation and ice cream (Fast Food Nation wasn't all that great, don't bother).
*Phew,* that was a long blog. I hope that tomorrow isn't quite as long; my fingers are tired.

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hi guys we miss you and love the photos!!