Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gelato, Fountains, Sun, and Rubble

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ok, i've spent a bit of time tonight catching up on our travels, so if you've missed it scroll down to the last couple of entries.

Now I'm going to have Phaed and Parker interject their opinions on the Rome and the last couple of days. For me, I'm loving it so far.

phaed first...

Rome has been pretty great. We checked out the Colliseum and had some fun doing that, we've had a lot of gelato (very good), and we've been walking a lot as Jackson would tell you. Anyways, Rome is fun, very touristy, and there is too much to do in two days. There are ruins everywhere, which is awesome, and souvenir shops litter the streets (as I said, very touristy). I am being rushed, however, because the internet point we are in is closing in five minutes or so, so I will discuss our past events in more detail tomorrow, when time is not an issue. Ciao!

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