Wednesday, August 8, 2007

san gimignano

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We had a late start today, but that's pretty common for us in Florence (most of our days don't start until eleven o' clock). We had a long car ride to San Gimignano where we had a little resting time at a gelateria. Everyone relaxed there for a couple hours before we all got up and headed to the top of one of the many towers in this town. It was very high and very windy, but a great view from the top. When we got down we headed over to the Museum of TORTURE!!! That was a very interesting, memorable, and slightly traumatizing experience. It had all kinds of torturous devices and explanations for ones that were not specific devices (e.g. water torture). A link to the website can be found here. We had a good Italian dinner consisting of pasta (obviously) and Sprites and Fantas, and then we went home for a night of Mafia, Apples to Apples, and sleep.

some photos from the day:

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