Sunday, August 5, 2007

Day One in Florence

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The drive here was so hectic that it has it's own blog (posted by my dad). Once we got to Florence however, things started looking up....kinda. After unloading all of our luggage, there were arguements over who got what rooms. There were plenty of rooms for everyone, but two rooms were two twin beds, while the rest had one queen bed. Zane and I were stuck with the rooms with the twin beds, but we were also the only ones with our own rooms, so that was pretty cool. The younger ones all shared a queen, and the adults coupled up in two queen rooms. After all of that, we unpacked and everyone made their own lunch and settled down into our siesta, or rest time.
We started filming a movie that the Zane, Sammy, Parker, Jackson and I all wanted to be a part of, and since we're in Italy we decided it fit to make a Mafia movie. I'm the hitman, Sammy and Parker are Dons, Jackson is one of the Don's sons, and Zane has so far only been filming, but I assure you he gets a role. We all had fun filming our first scene.
We went out to an out of the way Italian restaurant. We got their early for Italian social standards (7:15 - 7:30), so no one was even there, but it didn't take long for this place to get jam-packed with people. Turns out this was a really popular place to eat. We had pizza and spaghetti mostly, and everyone loved the food (well, everyone but Greg. He wasn't hungry so he stayed home at the villa and read.).
We got back to the villa and tried to get everyone settled down to get some sleep; sleep was very necessary after a short night of light sleep and a long day of heavy travel.

(dad chimes in)

omg, i can't wait to show clips from this movie that these guys are making. i had no idea what they were doing. i walked up from strolling around the grounds (beautiful, btw) and I see Parker & sammy sitting accross from each other with wine glasses aloft:

sammy: "Our families have been fighting for so long"

parker: "I would like to propose a truce"

jackson (parker's son) interjects: "but father!!!"

parker: "I know what's best for us son"

parker and sammy stand up and approach each other and embrace. sammy says, retrospectively, "all those wasted years", then kisses parker on each cheek and they walk away seperately.

luckily it was their rehersal and I got to see a repeat during the actual filming of the scene. We'll let you know when a trailer is available.
In the meantime, a few photos:

k. we're in florence today at an internet cafe and running out of our time. Beautiful city.

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