Friday, August 10, 2007

The last days in Firenze

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We woke up early this morning (8:30's early for me...) so we could go into Firenze to do some stuff before the art museum, which was scheduled at 12. We parked, got some grub, and trekked around for a while before heading to the art museum (the early part of the day was very uneventful). The art museum was okay, but nothing too spectacular, and immediately afterwards we went and got some food, which consisted of pasta, pizza, and lots of rain getting winded underneath the awning. We split up and now Zane, Jackson, my dad and I are in an internet cafe and I am blogging. In fact, my dad has something to say...

We spent the morning today at the Uffizi art museum. Parker's favorite painting was an unfinished work by Leonardo da Vinci called "Adoration of the Magi". He really liked how he got to see the process behind painting such a giant piece of art. "Birth of Venus" (botticelli) and "The Holy Family" by Michelangelo were also among favorites. Art-burnout set in after a little over an hour.

Tomorrow morning we take a 1.5hr train ride to Rome. Hopefully we get some sunshine down there.

some more images here...

also, i took some shots during yesterday's filming of the big move production. check em out here:

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